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Level 8, Suite 29, 100 Walker Street North Sydney

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Dr Hi Fi is on R & R.

Robin is away and apologises for any inconvenience this causes you.

Robin Gandevia has run Dr Hi Fi since 1976, firstly in premises at Randwick, then 11 years in Paddington and 12 years in Charing Cross at Waverley. In 2004 Robin began working from home in Randwick for a period of 11 years. In December 2015 Robin moved home and work to North Sydney for medical reasons. The new premises are working well as many know.

Robin is having a break and will not be able to work until late November.

Existing clients are welcome to email Robin at the email address on previous correspondence. Please excuse some delay in a reply (as well as a possible lack of resources). New clients are asked (if possible) to please await Robin's return (when the email link on the website will be reinstated).

Of course it will inconvenience both existing clients and potential new clients. Robin acknowledges and regrets this sincerely. Robin trusts that those who know him will accept the wait and have patience.

Your consideration and understanding is appreciated.

The Doc.


Level 8, Suite 29, 100 Walker Street North Sydney
'Christie Offices' located between Mount & Berry Streets
(By Appointment Only)


0477 666 945

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